ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management System

ISO / IEC 27001 is the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It has been adopted globally with over 15,000 certificates issued in 117 countries.

The standard provides a framework for an ISMS that enables the continued accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of information as well as legal compliance.

Implementation is an ideal response to customer and legal requirements such as the Data Protection Act and potential security threats including :

  • Vandalism / terrorism
  • Fire
  • Misuse
  • Theft
  • Viral attack

ISO / IEC 27001 is also structured to be compatible with other management systems standards for such as ISO 9001 and it is technology and vendor neutral, which means it is completely independent of any IT platform.

Who can use ISO / IEC 27001?

It’s right for you and your organisation if you need the evidence or assurance that your most important asset is protected from misuse, corruption, or loss.

What are the benefits of ISO / IEC 27001 Registration ?

  • Customer satisfaction
    with the delivery of products consistently meet customer requirements
  • Reducing operating costs
    with the continuous improvement in the processes and outcomes of operational efficiency
  • Improved stakeholder relationships
    including staff, customers and suppliers
  • Legal compliance
    by understanding how the requirements of the regulations and legislation that has a certain influence on the organization and your customers
  • The increase in the risk management control
    with consistency continuously and the presence of a product traceability and services
  • The achievement of public trust in business
    evidenced by the independent third-party verification against recognized standards
  • Ability to win more business
    particularly compliance with procurement specifications require certification as a requirement for the supply of goods and services

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